"I have worked with Trident for over ten years and have always found them to be thorough, providing a high quality, well crafted product. What has impressed me the most has been their attendance at building science seminars discussing the ‘right’ ways to design and construct wall systems, window systems, etc. It gives me great confidence to know that they understand what I, as an architect, am trying to accomplish"
Steven D. Graudin, AIA, LEED AP
Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects, Inc.
"Robbie Fairey and I became friends even before he started Trident Construction. Over these past thirty years I have had the pleasure of introducing Trident Construction to my clients with complete confidence that they represented the highest standards of professionalism in the construction industry. It has given me tremendous satisfaction when those same clients come back, after the successful completion of their projects, and thank me for the introduction to Trident Construction."
R. Christian Schmitt, FAIA
Partner, Schmitt Walker Architects
"We worked with Trident Construction in their first decade and continue to work with them in their third. In our experience, they have always ‘joined the team’ to the benefit of our client and have been a trustworthy source in delivering the built product of our designs."
Michael W. Spivey
Spivey Architects, Inc.
"We have worked with Trident Construction since the very beginning, including the beautiful up-fit to our offices. The folks at Trident are a professional group and a pleasure to work with."
David Burt
Principal, LS3P
"I have moved all of my work to Trident Construction, because I know they have my best interests and success as the project goal."
Milton Thomas
Anchor Commercial
"Not only have we enjoyed over 20 years of being a supplier to Trident, but Trident built an office for us that we also enjoyed for those 20 years. We have sincerely appreciated all the opportunities we have had with Trident Construction."
Jimmy Bagwell
Regional Material Handling, Inc.

Industrial Projects

As one of the Lowcountry’s largest industrial contractors, we’ve built manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities throughout The Southeast. Inspired by complex challenges like condensed timelines, government permitting, strict zoning and design review processes, TeamBuild allows us to exceed our client’s expectations while maintaining budgets.